I am a freelance journalist who, after spending two years in South Africa with my husband, have now returned to the UK. I also lived and worked in California for a couple of years at the turn of the Millennium and spent nine months or so in Germany as a student. So, what with various holidays in amazing destinations around the world, I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a lot, which is something I love to do.

Also high on my list of interests are the culture and sadly, often plight, of tribal peoples around the world; the environment and conservation issues; all matters esoteric; the UK’s natural and social heritage as well as literature, the performing arts, food and generally having fun.

So welcome to my blog – and hope you enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lucy Saunders

    Cath is a wonderful person & a long time friend of mine. Given that she hasn’t written anything about herself & i’ve got insomnia, i will do so. she has extensive experience as a journalist, covering business, technology and human resources. she’s also trained as a teacher of adult literacy. She’s a decent cook with an appetite for social justice.

  2. rachel mackenzie

    Yup, Cath has an impressive resume and a big social conscience. It’s great she’s decided to do a blog for us all to keep up with her. And good for Cath, too, that she is having a bit of a break from her full-on journalism.

  3. sazinsoto

    Hello – do you remember me? Am really interested in your move and experiences – we have lots of friends in SA and would like to hear ex-pat’s view…. especially since I know you. Where are you living and what is the general reaction of Oscar’s trial? xx

  4. Lauren C

    Hi Cath,
    Have just discovered your writings while Googling about relocating from Cape Town to JHB for love (terrifying for an ex PE girl who just adores my Cape lifestyle!). Also, an ex journalist now working in PR and would love to know how to contact you. Great writing, shall follow your adventures closely.


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